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Common Apps Password Reset & Redirect Info

For application not listed here, you can get the exact Subject and Sender’s domain by testing a password reset email from that app. The recipient will get the email (containing the exact subject and sender’s domain). Once you have those details you can now apply the rule accordingly.

Application Name Subject Email From Domain
Process Street Password Reset Instructions support@process.st process.st
Xero Forgotten Password support@xero.com xero.com
Xero Practice Manager Recover Password Post.xero.com Post.xero.com
Class Super Password Reset noreply@class.com.au class.com.au
WorkflowMax WorkflowMax – Recover Password no-reply@post.xero.com post.xero.com
Quickbooks Online Your QuickBooks Online Account do_not_reply@intuit.com intuit.com
Quickbooks Online Your QuickBooks Online password has changed do_not_reply@intuit.com intuit.com
Nowinfinity NowInfinity Password Reset info@nowinfinity.com.au nowinfinity.com.au
Receipt Bank Forgotten your password? support@receipt-bank.com receipt-bank.com
Box.com Your new Box password awaits noreply@box.com box.com
myMyob Password change request no-reply@myob.com myob.com
Twitter Password reset request password@twitter.com twitter.com



Updated on May 22, 2018

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