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Compatibility – What doesn’t Practice Protect do?

The list below is the Minimum Requirement to use Practice Protect.

Supported Web Browsers

Practice Protect is a web browser extension. Here are the supported Web Browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer latest version. Users installing Practice Protect require privileges to install browser extensions.

Unsupported Browser Based Applications

Below are some of the apps that currently not supported in PPO.

Email System Requirements for Mail Redirection

What is mail redirection? Practice Protect allows users to access your company applications without having to know what the the password is for security and user convenience reasons.  To circumvent this measure, a user could trigger a ‘forgot password’ request and change the application password if ‘mail redirection’ were not in place. To prevent unauthorised changing of passwords that could be triggered by a ‘forgot password’ request, we implement ‘mail redirection’ which diverts password reset emails from users to the nominated password admin.

How is Mail Redirection Setup?

To implement mail redirection, we need to make a simple change to your email system known as a ‘mail transport rule’ change. To enable this we require a temporary ‘service account’ to your mail system. To make this change you will require administrator access to your Office 365, Exchange Server or G-suite environment to complete this. If you do not have administrator access to your mail system you’ll need to request either this from your IT contact.

For more information on mail redirect see the article ‘mail redirection setup and instructions here

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is not supported by Practice Protect as it uses a desktop client and depends very heavily on the remote desktop deployment of your server. Microsoft is currently in Beta with a browser based version of their RDS client which we hope to be ready in early 2019

Citrix Evironments

Citrix environments can be protected by Practice Protect provided a standard RDS web deployment is configured. For more information please see the knowledge base article here.

Mobile Devices

Practice Protect works with mobile devices using the phone/tablet’s web browser only. Practice Protect does not natively integrate with IOS or Android based applications. If you require Practice Protect to integrate with specific phone based applications this can be achieved using SAML or Federation.

Desktop Applications

Integration of some desktop applications such as Outlook, Skype for Business and other compatible applications is available but not included in the standard onboarding package. This functionality is termed “federation” and requires some integration into your existing identity environment such as Office 365 or Active Directory.

Banking Apps

For security reasons and to validate the agreement you have with your bank we do not reset passwords to online banking web apps or provide involvement into entering passwords into Practice Protect from banking applications. We recommend clients enter the passwords independently.

Federation, SAML & Active Directory Integration

Practice Protect can be integrated with your existing identity management system such as Office 365, Active Directory or Google Apps. Under this scenario, users have a single set of credentials to both cloud apps and other company resources.

Updated on October 24, 2018

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