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Office365/Exchange Email Redirect Setup

Please follow the below instruction on how to create a mail rule in the Office 365 Tenant and Exchange 2013.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  1. Go to https://outlook.office.com/ecp for Office 365 or https://yourcompanyexchange.com/ecp
  1. Login as the Administrator
  1. On the Navigation Pane, click mail flow

  1. Click on rules, the click the + to add s rule and select Create a new rule…

  1. On the new rule page, click More options…

  1. On the Name field, name your rule. “Practice Protect Password Redirect”
  1. On the Apply this rule if… option, select The sender…, then select domain is

  1. On the specify domain page, enter all domains for the applications that have been deemed “Firm managed”. These are listed in the email sent during the onboarding process from Practice Protect which has the subject line “Password Reset Mail redirection for [ClientName}”

  1. Click add condition

  1. On the Select one drop down menu, choose The subject or body…, then select subject includes any of these words

  1. Click on *Enter words…

  1. On specify words or phrases page, enter all Email Subject lines provided in the email on the blank field then click +

  1. Click OK
  1. On the *Do the following… option, select the Redirect the message to, click these recipients.

  1. Click on *Select People…

  1. On Select Members page, find and select the email account of the Password Manager in the email then Click add -> and Click OK.

  1. Click Save.

  1. Ensure that the New rule created should be ticked (enabled) on the list of rules.

Updated on April 6, 2018

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