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The On-boarding Process Step by Step

This article provides password admins with a step by step overview of the on-boarding process. For more information please see our 1 page infographic

What we need from you

To make this process as easy for you as possible we need:

  • Three online meetings with your password admin.
  • To be our voice in your firm and keep your colleagues informed throughout the process.
  • Supervised access to the ‘mail transport rules’ in your mail system (or a one hour session with your IT contact)

Step #1 – Complete the Kick Off Sheet and attend The Kick Off Call

You would have received a getting started email when your firm signed up to Practice Protect asking you to complete the kick off sheet and schedule your kick-off call. On the form we gather as much as we can about your standard requirements

The Kick Off Call

During the kick off call we gather requirements, walk you through the process in more detail and agree on schedules and other detail for the onboarding process. The Password admin(s) is required to attend this session. No other team members are required.

Setting up Mail Redirection

Following the Kick Off Call, behind the scenes we setup ‘mail redirection’ which is a process to secure password reset emails. This is a simple process however it does require access to your mail system which may require third party assistance from your IT team. Delays around mail redirection setup are the number one source of on-boarding delay so please do take some time to read through how this works here.

Step #2 – The Walk Through Session

Next comes the walkthrough session where we’ll show your password admin how Practice Protect works from both a user and an admin perspective as well as migrate his or her own apps to the platform in order to gain first hand familiarity. The Password admin will finish this session working exclusively from Practice Protect. We will also demonstrate the password reset process so the password admin is in control of access independently.

Step #3 – User Onboarding

Immediately after the walk through session we’ll ask your password admin to circulate an email to colleagues which explains the process at hand. In a separate email they’ll also receive an invitation to register for the system just like they would any other web-based application. We will need your help in following up users during the 5 day user onboarding phase to keep the process flowing. For more information on user onboarding click here

The Cutover Process

To secure access to your applications we reset the passwords and securely store them in Practice Protect. The good news is that we do the heavy lifting and can do this without any requirement for your time however we may need to contact you should there be any firm specific information required.

Steup #4 – The Final Check

Once all team members are using Practice Protect, we’ll contact you for a final on-boarding check. Following the final on-boarding check call our on-boarding team are available for 7 days for support requests. Following 7 days, our support team will be your point of contact.

For more information or to contact our on-boarding team head to https://support.practiceprotectonline.com/submit-a-ticket/ or call (02) 9191 9389

Updated on December 18, 2018

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