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GoogleApps Email Redirect Setup

Please follow the below instruction on how to create a mail rule in Gmail.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Go to Admin Console https://admin.google.com/

3. Login as the Administrator.

4. On the Admin Console page, click on Apps.

5. On the APPS SETTINGS click on G Suite.

6. On G Suite page, Click Gmail.

7. On Settings for Gmail page, Select Advanced settings.

8. On General Settings tab, scroll down to Compliance then hover your mouse to Content Compliance. Click on Configure.

9. On Add setting page follow the below Instruction.

a. On Content Compliance field, enter the name of the mail rule.

“Practice Protect Password Redirect”

Then tick the boxes below on Email messages to affect

b. Select If ANY of the following match the message then click Add, to add the expressions

c. Under Expressions, select Advanced content match.

On Location choose Subject, then on Match type choose Contains text.

On Content, list all Email subject lines from email provided.

d. Click SAVE

e. Note that the new expression is now added.

Just click ADD, to add more expression for other application because different application will have different subject on the password reset email. Then proceed on the next step.

f. Select Modify message on the next item then tick Change envelop recipient and select Replace recipient. Enter the email address of the Password Administrator.

g. Click on Show Options. Then on the Account types to affect, tick Users. Click ADD SETTING.

10. Newly created Content compliance is now added (Locally applied), click SAVE to apply the rule.

Updated on November 10, 2017

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