User Onboarding

This article provides information to your firm’s nominated Password Admin and to team members on what to expect during the user onboarding process. This article is an overview however there are links to specific step by step instructions for more info.

The process works in three stages as follows:

Step #1 – 5 MinuteFirst time PC setup

Following the onboarding session, team members will receive an email with a link to enrol in Practice Protect.

Note the following steps to the first time PC setup

1- Click the login now link as above to create a password, then login and install the Idaptive browser extension
2- Create your security questions and setup two factor authentication
3- Click on each app tile and enter your existing password

For more detailed information on how to setup Practice Protect for the first time refer to the First Time PC Setup Article here

Once first time PC setup has been completed, team members should access their apps via Practice Protect as direct browser access will be terminated when initial app activation (Step 2) takes place as follows.

Step #2 – Initial App Activation

As team members complete first time PC setup we will keep the password admin up to date with a daily email to update them on who has and hasn’t completed step #1 for follow up of those that haven’t.

Once each team member completes first time PC setup we will activate your firm’s most commonly used apps on a pre-agreed daily schedule in blocks of five team members per day until all users are completed. When app activation takes place, the respective team members’ direct browser app access will be terminated and team members will be required to access apps via Practice Protect. Although this is a smooth process we do ensure our product engineers are on hand in the event anyone needs help on the below contact details.

Why only the initial apps? – To manage the change effectively we onboard users initially with the five most commonly used applications only. Subsequent apps will be listed and activated once team members are accessing Practice Protect.

Step #3 – Remaining App Activation

Once each team member is successfully accessing the initial apps in Practice Protect we will add your remaining apps incrimentally. As each app is activated in Practice Protect, direct browser access will be disabled and team members will need to access these apps via Practice Protect only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Practice Protect keep us informed? We will monitor progress and send a daily email to the nominated password admin at your firm to advise who has and who hasn’t completed this step. We request that password admins follow up with team members to complete first time PC setup.

How do we get help if we need it?Although the setup process is communicated clearly we understand that team members are busy and may require reactive support when their regular access is terminated. We provide reactive onboarding support by phone at 1300 010 114. State your firm name and you’ll be transferred to the product engineer working on your onboarding project.

Updated on May 6, 2019

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